Concept viability


Is an idea worth developing? We get under the surface of your concept and its market to validate the ideal business model, route to market and size of market. We'll uncover the best ways to validate and progress.

Market research


Do you need statistical evidence? We have efficient ways of testing ideas with potential customers. Our market research has given companies the confidence and evidence to progress ideas further.

Business plans


Looking for loans or investment? You'll need a financial model and a business plan. It's something we've done a lot of, recently helping gain hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of investment.

Product marketing


How do you best take your product to market? If you need a go-to-market strategy, a marketing plan or anything to help commercialise your product, we've done this for over 20 years, so we can help.   

About Us

A passion for products

Kick Sum founder David Smee has enjoyed working for over 20 years in technology research, product management and marketing.

Nurturing new product ideas been a passion of his since his first degree in Product Design back in the early 1990s. With a background in broadcast, communications and consumer electronics, he has long enjoyed mixing high tech with human factors  research. Technology areas of focus these days are IoT, Robotics and VR.


Kick Sum have teamed up with numerous startup founders and always enjoy helping them on their journey. 

Our marketing work involves the classic 4Ps, so not just promotion, but product, price and place, always retaining a focus on the customer's viewpoint in the context of the offering. 

Our experience allows us to quickly understand your needs and collaborate in a way that best suit your budget and timescales.

Making things happen

We're based in Bristol and have focussed our work with companies and Universities in the surrounding areas. The name Kick Sum stemmed from fusing 'Kick Start' with the acronym for 'Start Up Marketing' and the company was formed when we started working with a group of SETsquared companies back in 2013.  

We take pride from making a significant, positive and long lasting impact within our client companies and we'd be happy to 'Kick Sum' of our ideas around with you. Please get in touch whichever way suits you best.

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