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Collaborating with start-ups and scale-ups in the south west


Concept viability

Do you know your product's market potential? We get under the surface of your idea and its market to validate the ideal business model, route to market and size of market with industry and customers.

Market research

We have efficient ways of testing ideas with your intended target market. Our primary and secondary research has given several companies the confidence and evidence to progress an idea further.

Business plans

Looking for loans or investment? You'll need a financial model and a business plan. It's something we've done a lot of, recently helping gain hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of investment.

Raising funds

We've pitched in front of angels, banks, incubators, accelerators, even royalty, at venues big and small. Use our experience of delivering good and bad presentations to make sure yours is spot on.

Product marketing

How do you best take your product to market? If you need a go-to-market strategy, a marketing plan or anything to help commercialise your product, we've done this for over 20 years, so we can help.   

Product launch


A great launch can deliver immediate sales traction and cash flow. Those sales can make investment happen or make it entirely unnecessary. It's the best way to keep equity while growing your company. 

About Us

We have a passion for products

Kick Sum founder David Smee enjoys creating products, its been a passion of his since his first degree in Product Design. At the moment he is spending time designing a health app and starting to get to grips with his 3D Printer, when not collaborating on other projects. 

We enjoy collaborating

We have teamed up with several startup founders and enjoy filling in any gaps in their organisations' knowledge to strengthen a go-to-market plan. We're very on board with minimum viable products and lean methodology and well versed in the commercial requirements of launching tech products.

We make things happen

We're based in Bristol and have worked with several early stage companies and Universities in the surrounding areas. The name Kick Sum stemmed from fusing 'Kick Start' with 'Start Up Marketing.' 

We enjoy helping nurture and support ideas - and people - who want to get their company off the ground. We want to make an impact for your product and make a positive difference to the companies we work with. In this time of heightened entrepreneurialism, we'd like to make sure your ideas do 'Kick Sum.'

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