Kick Sum enjoy helping startup founders and teams on their growth journey. We collaborate on the aspects of commercialisation that you either don't have or those that need additional support.

Making things happen

We're not a 'marketing agency' as such - thought we do work across the marketing mix, our emphasis is analysis of the market, the product, price and place, alongside promotional planing.  

We take pride from making a significant, positive and long lasting impact within our client companies and we'd be happy to discuss your needs and if we can help. 

A passion for products

Kick Sum founder David Smee has enjoyed working for over 20 years in technology research, product management and marketing. Nurturing new product ideas been a passion of his since his first degree in product design in the early 1990s.

With a background in broadcast, telecommunications and consumer electronics, he has long enjoyed mixing high tech ideas with research and commercialisation. Current technology focuses for the company are IoT, Robotics and VR. Please get in touch whichever way suits you best.

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