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Kick Sum like ideas. We like making things happen. If you have an idea you like to take further, we'd like to help you do that.

We also like doing. We've just written our first book Discovering Robotics which is a comprehensive introduction to the topic. 

We're growing our focus on products for education and children, with other books and robots in the pipeline. Do you have a related product you'd like to introduce to us?

Collaboration work

Innovation and entrepreneurialism are both core to our professional experience as much as they are in our blood. 

We seek opportunities to share our acquired skills particularly with individuals or groups who have a technical bias. We have a range of commercial skills to support a new product or service's introduction and strengthen a team as it builds. 

We enjoy making a significant impact within our client companies, and welcome any enquiries for our flexible collaborations on meaningful projects. We like to benefit and contribute to the fields of primate conservation and children's mental health, either directly or through charitable donations.

About Us

David Smee, Founder

David Smee


Who's driving this?

  • David Smee has enjoyed working with new technologies and ideas through his 25 year career in research, product marketing and management. 
  • He has been responsible for taking several products through from early research to a successful launch in several different high tech arenas.
  • He is a Pervasive Media Studio resident where he gets to enjoy a community of talented creatives to work alongside.

Our experience

  • We have successfully delivered: 

primary and secondary research

end user surveys

marketing plans

business plans

financial modelling

books and information

websites & digital marketing

International distribution

business development

product launch

product sales


  • We are keen to hear about  projects needing commercial (business/marketing & sales) support. 


other projects and collaborations

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